What is the-forest?

the-forest is a concept idea for a location of small luxury eco-cabins which are completely off-grid. They are built to allow people to experience what eco-friendly living is like without having to take the full plunge themselves.These luxury eco-cabins can then be rented out, providing us with the funding to trial future ecologically friendly technologies within a real life scenario.

Who are we?

the-forest is a team of engineers, designers, horticulturalists, survivalists and friends who are passionate about making a positive difference in a changing world. Each one of our team brings unique skills, ranging from; designing the worlds largest aircraft, to being the London parks head horticulturalist, a life balance therapist, to survival instructors for the worlds toughest special forces. From this diverse range of backgrounds and skills we have created the knowledge to further environmentally friendly technologies and offer luxury eco-trials at our forest based eco-cabins.

But we cant do it alone. Having the correct team is not enough, we need your help. Your funding will help us setup up a real time laboratory testing and research center to bring sustainable technologies into your home, enabling you to cut down costs of fuel, water and waste. It will also enable us to convert the shipping containers into luxury off-grid cabins where people can experience the differences between on and off-grid living for themselves.




What We Need & What You Get

We need 75,000 pounds. This includes converting the five shipping containers into luxury eco-cabins with all the requirements for comfortable living, whilst also retaining the natural beauty of the-forest, and setting up the testing areas.

So how can you help? you can show your support by donating money, becoming a member, telling friends, buying a wristband, or even staying for a night or two in our eco-cabins to experience the lifestyle yourselves.

And if you do decide to fund us and stay with us, your more than welcome to join us in looking after the forest and trialling some new technologies, or even have a go at building your own solar panels...



The Impact

As fuel prices continue to rise, as food becomes more expensive, as houses reach limits that are unaffordable, the-forest wants to find an alternative. We want to reconnect to nature and be closer to the land around us, without compromise on comfort or safety. There is only one way to do this - technology. We need to create technology that reduces our carbon footprints, using less fuels, or fuels from renewable sources. We need to reconnect, and we need to do this in a clever and more streamlined way.

By utilising future technologies and building them into our eco-cabins we can real-time test the technologies whilst also providing a respite for others from the day to day stresses of life and give a weekend experience living off-grid and reconnecting with nature.

Your donation or support of this project will not only help us to setup our dream, but will in-turn help others and the Earth itself.

Other Ways You Can Help

We understand that not everybody can afford to donate, but there are other ways that you could contribute to our effforts. Please tell your friends and spread the word about the-forest....