holidays in the-forest

firstly we have to raise the capital to transform the shipping containers into luxury eco-cabins. please see our campaigns here: (campaigns opening soon - for the moment here are our twitter and facebook accounts:)


available from....

Once we have raised the captial to start the venture, it will take us around one year to up-cycle all the containers into luxury eco-cabins, and to landscape the forest whilst keeping its natural appearance and function. After this time, the cabins will be available for weekend rent and you can join us either in having a stressfree and relaxing weekend, or by helping us research and build eco-friendly technologies.

We only ask that when you come to stay with us and enjoy the forest, respect it and leave it as you found it, enjoy it as nature intended and let the only loud music be the sounds of the forest







The eco-cabins

At this stage we have carefully designed five eco-cabins convertions, in three different concepts. The first is our testing workshop where we will build and trial future technologies and keep the supplies for the other four cabins.

The second and main three eco-cabins are the family retreats. These will house two adults and two children very comfortably with shower facilities, an AGA for hot water heating, composting toilet, standard electrics (although we do recommend leaving your mobile at home), a minimum of an acre of forest to yourselves, and freedom as standard.

Lastly we have the couples retreat. This is similar in size to our family retreats with all the same luxuries, however only housing a couple for snuggling up and getting away from it all.